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What to Expect

Frequently Asked Questions

When are your services?

We are located just off of Hwy 21 outside of College Station/Bryan Texas on 977 N FM 2038.  We have people who come from all around to attend our church.  Our worship service is Sunday at 10am.  We have a brief worship time at 8:45am followed by Sunday School for all ages at 9am each week.  We hope to see you soon!

What about childcare?

Zion loves kids and we value young families! We offer nursery services for newborns - 3 years old during the service.   We have a children's moment during the service for ages 5 and unde 2-3 times a month.  Before the sermon our 4-5 year olds can choose to leave and go to children's church.   All of our workers are screened and have background checks, but more importantly they love kids.

What makes Zion unique?

At Zion we have a passion to see everyone in our community and out lying areas come to know Jesus Christ as Lord.  We understand that life has it's struggles, but we believe that the church is the place to come when times are tough.  We want to encourage you to take your next step in your walk with God and we want to provide opportunties for you to see true life change.   True life transformation comes through sound Biblical teaching focused on Jesus Christ.  This teaching is proclaimed from the pulpit and throughout all of our ministries. Zion is purposeful in welcoming visitors and encouraging them to get involved in the fellowship.

What is Zion’s worship in song like?

Our music is a combination of contemporary songs and classic hymns. Finding a balance of the old and new is a challenge, yet a delight. We believe lyrical content is more important than style. We value all generations and seek to find a mix that allows all people to engage in authentic worship each week. Our services have a choir and our worship pastor on the piano and occaisionally he is accompanied by a guitarist.   The purpose of the praise team is to facilitate corporate worship; it is not about performance or entertainment. Our goal is to make God the center of our worship. It is not about us, it is all about Him!

What is Zion’s preaching like?

We believe in preaching the full counsel of God. Our pastors typically preach through entire books of the Bible . We find this gives the people a fuller picture of who God is and how great His Word is. Throughout the year there are a few short topical sermon series, holiday themed sermons, or sermons about the vision of the church. We spend time in both the Old and New Testaments. During the school year, our Community Groups will often have sermon based studies which help to apply what we have learned on Sunday mornings in a more personal way.

How does Zion help believers and new believers grow spiritually?

We encourage our people to take thier Next Step toward spiritual growth.  You can also attend our Discover Zion class to learn more about who we are and how we can help you grow in your faith. 

What does Zion believe?

Our statement of faith summarizes our core theological convictions.

What should I wear?

Come as you are you will find people wearing everything from blue jeans to business casual. Be comfortable, feel at home, and join us this week.

How can I know Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord?

Watch this video or read it for yourself. 

This is an important question and we want you to read about it for yourself. So grab a Bible such as a NIV or NASB translation or go to and follow along.

God is Holy ~ 1 Peter 1:16 and Matthew 5:48

What do these verses tell us about who God is?

All have Sinned ~ Romans 3:23

What does this tell us about all people? Have you sinned? Do you fall short of the Glory of God?

Penalty for Sin ~ Romans 6:23

What is the penalty for sin?

Death means both physical death and spiritual death. We are eternally separated from God and sent to hell forever. But, God in His great love has provided the answer to our greatest problem.

Jesus Christ is the Answer ~ John 3:16, 1 Peter 2:24 and Romans 10:9-10

What does confess mean? What does believe mean? Agree with God about your sinful condition and acknowledge that you can not make it to heaven without Christ. Repent (turn from your sin) and trust Him as your Savior. Obey His Word.

Do you want to put your trust in Christ alone for eternal life as the only way to overcome sin?

If so, follow the guideline in Romans 10: 9-10 and begin a new life with Christ.

If you have made a decision to repent, believe, and follow Jesus Christ contact us today.


What if my question was not on this list?

Please e-mail us  or give us a call at 979-589-2925