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Deuteronomy 6, Psalm 78, and Ephesians 6:4 compel parents to take the discipleship of their children very seriously. As parents, we often look to others to pour into our child's lives, but these passages remind us that the strongest foundation of faith is built in your home. We believe it is our job to equip parents to train our children during the natural flow of life everyday.

How do parents take on the responsibility of being the "primary faith trainer" in the life of thier growing child? First, the parent grows in his or her own understanding of the Bible and relationship with Christ. Second, parents learn how to effectively practice age-appropriate family faith talks in their own home.  Finally, parents learn to equip their children for the natural, spiritual milestones of life.

Our pathway for spiritual formation and transformation is built around 7 key spiritual Milestones.  The 7th MileStone, Life in Christ, is all about living, sharing, and showing the Gospel as mature believers. Our church partners with parents from child dedication through highschool  using MileStones 1-6 to give a clear pathway for parents to be equipped and focused on building a legacy of faith. All of our events, seminars, and processes are designed to support this pathway.

We encourage everyone to ready the book The Legacy Path by Brian Haynes which gives a great overview of the teaching that helped inspire this movement at Zion.